Victorian Prostitutes

Christ Church on Commercial Street. The infamous Creepy Church of Whitechapel.

I don't know why I am so fascinated by Victorian Prostitutes, Jack the Ripper and Whitechapel as it is all a bit seedy really. Maybe that is why I like it so much? Anyway, I am not the only one am I so that is all okay. Sometimes it seems like there are Victorian Prostitutes everywhere that one looks. Which can be a bit unnerving really. One day I will buy an 1888 sixpence from ebay or would that be just too morbid for words?

Nice graffiti in a Whitechapel alleyway.

I love going out in Whitechapel - I really enjoy hanging about in alleyways and loitering at murder sites then going for curry followed by gin in the Ten Bells and the Princess Alice. I think that is my idea of the Best Night Out Ever, which is pretty grim really.

A reveller outside the Ten Bells.

We had the first Gin and Whores meet up on the 7th April, the night before the atheist's birthday. It was all very jolly and involved a Ripper Walk, gin, curry, Wardytron, Thermaland being accused of being Belgian and a random guy we befriended in a pub who the atheist decided was Danny Wallace (he wasn't) and who insulted Wardytron by saying that he looked like Pete Docherty (he really doesn't).

Me being oppressed in the Ten Bells. Note nice original tile work.

Whitechapel alleyway.

Just imagine all the fog and stuff. Creeepy.

The atheist looks aghast at being offered a knee trembler in an alleyway.

Sixpence a go?

Even the camera had had some gin. We should do it again sometime!
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